“You guys are awesome!! You did a great job helping my friend, Diane – she looks great!”

–  Debbie Jones

“I just have to take a few minutes to write about my amazing experience with Unicorn Clothing at the AZ Renaissance Festival on Saturday, February 20th. I don’t know if I have ever had such exceptional customer service in my life, which came from each and every staff member. The primary individual who helped me was Sol. Sol spent hours with me showing me all of my different options and helping to convince me – An extremely large woman – that the clothing would fit me and make me look beautiful. As an obese woman, it is next to impossible to find any sort of costuming clothing that fits, and I was blown away when I found out it DID still fit me. So first, THANK YOU for providing gorgeous clothes for women of EVERY size! Secondly, Sol was extremely patient, kibd, helpful, and just plain fun to talk to as I tried on multiple pieces to find the color coordination that felt just right. But ALL of the girls helped and were chatty and complimentary and they made it pure fun. They were also very gracias when I was overheating (at one point, four fanning me down, just doing it, no asking), when I was stressed because I was running out of time, and when I got a little cranky at one point because my card was declined from the out of state card reader. They never faltered in doing everything they possibly could to help me, providing me water, helping keep an eye on my things while I roamed the shop… To say I am impressed is an understatement. These women are class acts who deserve a raise, reward, something. Even one lovely lady (I am SO sorry I am forgetting your name) literally ran to another part of the faire to make an important purchase for me while I finished up my purchase with Unicorn, because the cannon had sounded and me, with my arthritic body, could not possibly have made it in time. My gratitude knows no bounds. I will recommend everyone I know to your store. What lovely beautiful people to match such lovely, beautiful clothes. ♡♡♡ Thank you SO much.”

-Diane Shreve

“Thank you so much for making my costume again. The skirts, there are two, mustard and brown, may have been yours from 20 years ago at the Arizona Rennaince Festival. The rest came from this years festival. I needed this! Thank you again!”

– Elizabeth Steiner

“I found some of my wedding clothes this weekend at the Colorado Renaissance Festival after many…many…many…agonizing hours (I started looking over a year ago) of searching. In the last hour of the fair, I finally made it over to the Unicorn shop. I was not optimistic. But then I found my fairy god-dresser, Megan! She was AWESOME and squeezed me in to all kinds of things, brought me shirts I never would have selected for myself, matched things I didn’t think would match, found things that fit my shape better, adjusted everything to make it look how I wanted, AND it all just happened to match perfectly with what my fiance was trying on over at Beowolf! Thank you, thank you Megan!”

-Kathay Lamb

“I wanted to personally thank Unicorn Clothing for helping me put together the perfect wedding dress back on the 28th! It makes me look and feel amazing and I can’t wait til September to show my Fiance! A Special thanks to Erica and the other ladies who made my dream dress become a reality. If you are heading to the  Arizona Renaissance Festival Fair then you must stop by this awesome shop!”

-Lacy Corry

“Visited your store at the Maryland Renaissance Faire and I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with not only your selection, but your employees — they had a great attitude and were very knowledgeable. I will highly recommend your clothing company to my friends. Thanks so much for the awesome experience!”

-Jenny Gray