About Unicorn Clothing


When Teri Evans established Unicorn Clothing in 1973, selling her original clothing at street fairs and craft shows in California, a Renaissance revival was underway and with it a renewed interest in “the look”: peasant-style blouses, full-layered skirts and form fitting bodices. Teri was intrigued by this new artistic community, and the historical significance it represented. 

The medieval Clothing Guild was powerful and prominent in the world of commerce opened by Marco Polo, Magellan and Columbus whose explorations exposed Europe to the cultures and treasures of far-off places. The colorful, intricately trimmed garments attest to the craftsmanship of the spinners, weavers, dyers and lace makers of the time. Teri’s original designs are rooted in these fashion traditions.

Unicorn Clothing Shoppes can be found in many Renaissance Faires and Festivals across the country. Since 2013, to celebrate its 40th Anniversary, Unicorn Clothing has taken a renewed interest in mainstream fashion and retail, buoyed by a growing interest in vintage, and hippie-chic styles.  For those who are not able to visit our Shoppes, we offer this on-line store.

The ensembles and wedding dresses featured are among the most popular at our Shoppes. But we also encourage you to explore our separates and create an outfit that is uniquely your own. 

Our very popular Boned Bodice utilizes steel coated boning at the front, back, and sides for a most flattering fit. They are reversible and grommetted at the front, back, sides and shoulders for maximum adjustability.

Our trademark Camisoles are a wardrobe mainstay, perfect when  matched with jeans, shorts, beachwear and skirts. They also look fabulous under blouses or jackets.

Garments are amply full cut. One size fits most to size 16. (A full figure Queen size is available 16 to 24.) The Bodices and Camisoles do require more specific sizing. See size charts.

All of the garments are hand made in Santa Barbara, California, often with select fabrics and trims which are in limited supply. Please bear in mind there may be variations in color and trim. We want you to be completely satisfied with your selection. Thank you for visiting our on-line Shoppe and we welcome your comments or observations.

We invite you to come by again.

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